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Why Should People Consider Buying Homes at North Gaia EC Avenue?

by Holly

For ages, buying a home has been the American dream, but it takes a lot of money and time to get into the market. And most importantly, it takes an understanding of the neighbourhood. For many people, buying a home at North Gaia EC Avenue is perfect because of its relative distance to work, low crime rate, and many amenities.

North Gaia EC Avenue is a subdivision located in Rowlett, Texas, at the northern end of Lake Ray Hubbard. Laurence E. Deutsch and Associates developed the subdivision, and it opened for sale in 2008. However, North Gaia EC Avenue provides an excellent opportunity to purchase a new home without hefty down payments or pesky mortgages. It is just one reason people should take advantage of this opportunity before it goes away.

  1. Get a New Home for Less

You all know that a home is not just a place to sleep; it’s an investment and a representation of yourself. Therefore, this avenue wants the best value for the dollar, but many people are unwilling to buy new homes because of the high down payments and monthly expenses. North Gaia EC Avenue allows you to get into the market without these constrictions. Since you don’t need large down payments, you can save more money in other areas. You also don’t need to pay for mortgages or other fees, which can be a significant expense.

  1. A New Home with No Maintenance Hassles

With a brand-new home, everything works perfectly. You don’t have to worry about old pipes flooding your home or if the air conditioner will last the summer. In addition, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs since North Gaia EC Avenue takes care of repairs itself. All you need to perform is pop down your garage door and drive in your car.

  1. Choose Your Neighborhood

North Gaia EC Avenue is designed to allow you to select the neighbourhood you want and the amenities. You can decide how close to a large mall or your school you want to be. You can also choose if you want more open space or more privacy for your home. A new home is supposed to be an investment, and it should be something that represents who you are, so explore the avenues before they’re gone.

  1. Take Advantage of the Park

People in gated communities know that parking is difficult, but not at North Gaia EC Avenue. There is an oversized parking garage that can hold up to 3,000 cars. You also don’t need to worry about theft since all cars going into and out of the garage have access cards so they can come or go. Couple this with the large walkways and park areas in each neighbourhood, and you will wonder why you ever lived anywhere else.

  1. Homeowner Owned Insurance Is Available

North Gaia EC Avenue gives you the ability to choose your insurance. You can select from several different insurance companies and choose which types of insurance you want to keep. In addition, it gives you the option to choose between homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Over time, this may save you money in the long run since North Gaia EC Avenue will offer discounts on homeowners’ insurance based on your rating.

  1. Plenty of Amenities for Residents

Residents have several benefits that they never had when living in other neighbourhoods. North Gaia EC Avenue offers residents fitness centres and tennis courts, swimming pools, spas, and more. Many of the parks are full of children because North Gaia EC Avenue offers a preschool, so if you have kids, you might as well live here.

  1. A Safe Neighborhood with Good Schools

North Gaia EC Avenue has a reputation for being one of the safest neighbourhoods in the area. The crime rate is below the national rate, so it can be yours if you want to live in a safe neighbourhood. North Gaia EC Avenue also has several schools that are well known throughout Ohio. The schools are private and located within 1 mile of North Gaia EC Avenue, so parents have easy access to their children’s schools. There are plenty of local sports leagues and activities for children of all ages.

  1. Easy Access to Shopping Centers and Restaurants

Access to shopping centres and restaurants is easy on North Gaia EC Avenue. When you pull into your garage, you can park directly outside, allowing you access to all the nearby stores. There are several restaurants near each neighbourhood, so choosing from Steak N Shake, Panda Express, or Denny’s doesn’t take much effort! Another great benefit about North Gaia EC Avenue is that the parking garages allow for access to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport within 12 minutes.

  1. A Unique Community with a Lot of Character

There are over 2,000 acres, and each is fully developed. The houses offer private courtyard areas, an abundance of trees, and various landscaping. Each house has been made to fit the needs of an individual family. There are also countless activities for residents, such as community parties and games for children at the parks.

  1. Covered Parking for Motorcycles

North Gaia EC Avenue has over 600 covered parking spaces for residents. It is ideal for those with motorcycles since motorcycles can easily be parked without the worry of theft or weather damage. Many neighbourhoods don’t offer this luxury, so it’s better to buy a home at North Gaia EC Avenue before no more spots are left.

Once you understand the above points, you can get an idea about the primary reasons people consider buying homes at North Gaia EC Avenue.

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