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Why And How You Should Track Your Gym Process

by Holly

If there is one thing in life that nearly every individual around the world struggles to attain is nothing, but fitness. Regardless of whether your goal is to lose those extra pounds, to pack on the pounds of muscles, or whether you want to ensure your fitness levels, dieting, exercising, and living right are tasks that are not much easy to accomplish. If you are planning to start a new gym routine, it is better to get an understanding of the reasons why you should keep track of your processes at the gym

Reasons To Keep Track of Your Gym Process:

It is always the human tendency to engage in a little bit lesser workout as compared to what they planned for a particular day. This is with the intention either to skip that workout altogether or to stop pushing themselves as hard as they do on a regular basis. It is the nature of humans to get out of their efforts slowly and most humans tend to slow down in their workout regimen as compared to the enthusiasm they had at the initial stages.

Feedback and Monitoring Are Helpful

A study was conducted in the year 2010 to identify how monitoring and feedback helped patients, who were taking different therapies helped them in progress. During this study, a group of patients was given feedback, while the other group was not given any sort of feedback. The final result was that patients, who got feedback, showed lesser readmissions to therapy programs, while those, who were not given the feedback got admission to the therapy more often.

The meaning of this study has something to do with your gym routine as well. Similar to the patients, who received feedback and whose progress was monitored showed remarkable improvement as compared to those who did not gain attention; you can also get remarkable results when you keep track of your workout progress at your gym. So, it is highly important to keep track of your gym process and this will help you to a great extent in pushing yourself towards your fitness goals.

Now, having understood the importance of keeping track of your gym process, it is important to understand how to do it, and here are four methods you can follow to keep track:

  1. Maintain a logbook: Example of a gym logbook

The simple, reliable, and easy method you can follow is to write your gym exercise details in a notebook or logbook. This method is still followed by many top athletes and coaches in different sporting activities. You need not have to rely on electricity when you follow this method or you need not have web access. Also, this method will not consume much of your time as well. You can customize the same as per your style of workout as well. You can use either graph paper, sticky notes, folded pieces of paper, or a notebook or diary. Besides, tracking your workout sessions in your gym logbook it is also crucial that you keep a track of your supplements and diet in the same boo. Although, timely intake of a testosterone booster like Testoprime is quite useful for your body, however, an unusual intake of this supplement is not that good for your body.

  1. Spreadsheets

Example of gym spreadsheets If you are an individual, who hates writing, spreadsheets can come in handy. When you use this method, it is not essential to concern about your handwriting, you can easily review and they can simply maintain the log, and also you can customize spreadsheets by adding more rows and columns. You can also sync the spreadsheets with your phone or can also be shared with different services like Cubby, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, etc. Spreadsheets will also do a lot of mathematics for you.

  1. Calendars

Example of a gym calendar You can easily track your workouts with calendars. This is one of the most underrated methods, but it is effective without any doubt. Besides recording your present and past workout details, you can also write down or print your future workout plans when you have calendars. There are different types of calendars available in the market like annual paper calendar, pocket calendar and also calendar applications can be used through your smartphone.

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