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Top recommendations on how to buy best golf rangefinder online

by Holly

The game of golf has been revolutionized by rangefinders. The best rangefinders have made golfing much easier. Laser golf rangefinders with sophisticated technology can eliminate all doubts and second-guessing in the distance game. They provide precise yardage so that the golfer can confidently hit every long-distance shot. This definitive guide to rangefinders will help you to find the best device to improve your game.

How accurate is the gadget?

While most manufacturers claim accuracy of +-1 yard for their products, we disagree. Even if the manufacturer explicitly states it, you must verify the accuracy. You must ensure that the rangefinder provides accurate measurements. It is also important to verify how accurate and quick it measures distances. Rangefinders that are less accurate give poor scores.

Slope reading

Slope reading is an important aspect, even though it may not be necessary. It could make the difference between good shots and bad shots. It measures elevation changes between the target and the player. This feature is not permitted in professional golf. The slope readings of different models can vary even within the same manufacturer. Before you buy, make sure to get all the details about each model. 

How easy is it to read the information? 

It is an important consideration. Different display screens are available for rangefinders. Devices with red numbers are easier to read. This feature unfortunately increases the price. It will not hurt to spend a little more money for better reading. You will be looking through the lens at your target, but also into the display screen. Clear graphics are essential. The screen should not only show distance but also indicate battery percentage.

Magnification: should not be taken lightly

This feature can greatly affect the effectiveness of your shots. Laser rangefinders differ in magnification. You can choose from magnifications ranging from zero to seven times. Higher magnification means a clearer view. Clear vision is the key to hitting the target.

Battery capacity

A longer battery life is always a benefit when purchasing a golf rangefinder. The battery life of different brands will vary depending on their power consumption. Rangefinders can last for 8 to 10 hours. Some rangefinders may last longer than others may. Better to return a rangefinder that needs a battery replacement every two months.

Operational mode

Sometimes it can be difficult to capture a target at a distance. It is most common for people who have weak hands. How can you fix this? Some rangefinders have stabilizing sensor. What is the purpose of stabilization technology? It assists in the tracking and connection of the laser to the target. Some rangefinders have a continuous scan mode. 

Maximum and minimum range

Although the range is not a critical factor, it is an important part of what you should look for when purchasing a rangefinder. Most gadgets can measure distances beyond the target. One may not have to worry about the maximum and minimum range. Although it is less important, you still need to verify the minimum and maximum ranges.

Material and price

Many factors determine the material used to make golf rangefinder. Low-quality materials can break easily and make it less durable. Durable and sturdy materials offer long-lasting service. Choose an ultra-light model. These rangefinders are ideal for outdoor activities. The rangefinders are usually priced at less than $150. A standard golf rangefinder costs between $100 and $150. The features get better as the price rises to $200.

What does a golf rangefinder do?

The golf rangefinder functions in the same way as binoculars. The golfer uses a rangefinder to focus on one spot. Next, the golfer presses the button and a laser measures the distance to the landmark. To ensure that the laser is measuring the correct area, the rangefinder must be held steady. Some rangefinders have precise features such as accounting for elevation changes. The rangefinder may have trouble measuring the distance where trees can block the path.

Some other things to consider

Good rangefinders have optical lenses that clearly identify yardage and targets. However, laser rangefinders are not as accurate as GPS devices. The majority of rangefinders that are worth their cost will have a range well beyond 1,000 yards. They will also give you an approximate distance to the flag. To prevent any water from accumulating on the rangefinder, it is important to dry it between each use. 

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