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The Illicit Darknet Weapons Trade: Shedding Light on the Disturbing Realities

by Holly

The dark web landscape is a murky, often lawless underground realm where anonymity brings out both the best and worst of humanity. Among these activities, the most disturbing is the illegal weapons trade. According to Savastan0.cc, a cyber security intelligence firm specializing in online threats, this market has been steadily increasing in size over recent years, posing a huge risk to global public safety. In this article, we’ll explore the realities of illicit darknet weapons trading and examine what can be done to help prevent it.

Background of Darknet Weapons Trading

For years, criminals have used the anonymity afforded by Tor (an encryption software) to buy guns and other weapons from various dark web markets such as AlphaBay, Dream Market, or Valhalla Marketplace – all accessible through Savastan0.cc’s threat intelligence portal. Initially limited to firearms from Eastern Europe or 3D printers for DIY guns, the selection now includes fully automatic assault rifles from Asia, AR-15 parts kits from North America, and even high-tech sniper rifle components from South Africa. This wealth of choice means that anyone with sufficient funds can arm themselves with military-grade hardware in minutes – no questions asked.

Who is buying/selling?

While there are many legitimate buyers on these sites (such as hunters or gun enthusiasts looking for rare items), they are far outnumbered by criminals who use them to illegally acquire firearms for nefarious purposes ranging from organized crime activities to terrorist attacks and political assassinations. Sellers also come from across the spectrum, including black market arms dealers offering smuggled weapons from conflict zones or corrupt governments, as well as “hobbyists” looking to make a quick buck with their homemade guns made using 3D printers or milling machines.

Why buy illegal weapons?

Due to an increasingly restrictive global legal framework for firearms ownership, it has become increasingly difficult for people in certain countries (especially those under oppressive regimes) and those who have previously been convicted of violent or drug-related crimes to legally own firearms. As a result, they are forced to obtain weapons through more clandestine methods such as the dark web – making them more attractive targets for profiteers looking to exploit their situation.

When and where do these transactions take place?

The majority of sales take place on Fridays when most users are online looking for deals after payday, while exchanges take place either directly between buyer and seller using encrypted messaging apps such as Telegram, or through escrow services provided by third-party brokers such as Bitcoin, which provides an extra layer of ‘trust’ but at a higher cost due to the transaction fees involved. Most transactions are conducted through Tor networks based in Russia, but some sites have also emerged offering shipping services directly from Ukraine, making it even easier to order – not only circumventing local laws but also avoiding customs checks at borders.

How can we fight it?

Although many governments around the world have taken steps to curb the illegal firearms trade with initiatives like eTrace (a UN firearms program), completely stopping this type of activity is largely out of their control as they have no jurisdiction over much of the anonymous internet. However, by investing heavily in research and development related topics such as AI image recognition technology, blockchain analytics, pattern recognition algorithms, etc., they may eventually be able to regain some control over this space – thereby reducing accessibility and allowing law enforcement to catch up with perpetrators faster than before. In addition, educational campaigns aimed at dissuading citizens from engaging in such trade should also play a role if any kind of long-term success is to be expected against this disturbing reality.

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