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The Best Way To Grow Cannabis Seeds

by Holly

Smoking or snorting cannabis is a different world. Being one of the best psychoactive drugs that stimulate and act as a hallucinogen, it sends you to a different dimension. The entire point of the drug being sent away from reality.

Yes, smoking cannabis is a different feeling, but what about when they are cultivated by you? Makes everything much better. So, here are some tips for you to grow and harvest your cannabis seeds, to yield the best results.

Types Of Marijuana Seeds

Conditionally, there are three types of marijuana seeds on the market

  • Feminized seeds:

They are the best of their kind. They are budding plants that produce a great yield when compared to their male counterparts. Feminised seeds are preferred for the cultivation of weed on large scale. The flower buds are larger and therefore have a more psychoactive effect than the other seeds.

  • Regular Seeds:

The regular marijuana seeds are the ones that have not been subjected to chemicals. So, their composition or properties have not been altered. If you buy a pack of these seeds, they could be male or female seeds. There is no way to test them before cropping. You will only know when you are yielding the crop.

  • Autoflowering Seeds:

When you see auto-flowering, you might imagine a machine that automatically produces cannabis flowers for you. This is far from the truth. In reality, they are the ruderalis plant seeds. The name is such because they start flowering within 2-3 weeks from planting. The other variants would require 3-4 months to do the same. 

Which Seed To Buy

Naturally, everyone will be leaning towards auto-flowering seeds. They yield faster results and can save you a lot of hustle of managing and flowering a plant. But to be frank, out of all the types of marijuana seeds on the market the best yield is produced by feminised seeds

Though they may take a while to bloom, the wait is worth it. The large flowers contain 20% THC than auto-flowering seeds. The ecstasy would be served to you on a silver platter here. 

But if you are one with much more patience, then you can go for regular seeds. If you have gone for the regular one, then you are one for the thrill. You don’t know the result and this excites your wait much more.

How To Harvest Properly?

The plants would naturally produce their flowers. This is their daily process. There is not much we have to do here other than ensure they get enough sunlight and water. But the hard part is harvesting. If you don’t harvest the right way, then even if the yields are high, you won’t get the desired result.

To harvest the right way, you must know when to harvest. The tell-tale is the trichomes that appear. Half the trichomes would be snowy white while the rest are amber coloured. Also, the leaves would become a deep green colour and start to curl outward. Once these signs are visible, harvest the flowers and subject them to drying, trimming and curing.

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