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The Best Home Workout For Biceps To Hit Them Hard Without Weights

by Holly

The best exercise for your biceps are arguably the biceps curls whether done with dumbbells or a barbell. But you need the equipment to do this exercise and its variations. However, what do you do if you don’t have access to weights, whether you’re training at home or traveling? Here’s a very effective option how to work biceps without weights.

From the home, you can choose to look at the Testogen results to make the right decision in the selection of the supplements. The reduction in the weight is possible for the individuals. You can perform the exercise as pert the needs and requirements of the body of the individual.

The best body weight exercise for biceps are the chin-ups (palms facing towards you). They activate the biceps very well and allow for the full range motion. Not only that, they work your back, shoulders and core as well. But just knocking out chin ups is too easy and you will see a lot more gains if you use a technique to push its effectiveness to the limit.

The technique is pushing yourself to the failure and going beyond, that way really breaking down the muscles and getting muscle gains. Here’s how it works. First, do the maximum reps of the correct form chin-ups (no cheating) you can do, then rest for 2 minutes. Then add 50% of your max reps on top and do that number of reps. Of course, you won’t be able to do them all in one set so you will take short rests, preferably by still hanging on the bar by at least one hand.

So the workout looks like this:

  • Do max number of perfect chin ups (ex. 20)
  • Rest for 2 minutes
  • Add 50% to the max number of reps (ex. 20+10)
  • Do the remaining reps with hanging rests

If you exercise like this by pushing yourself to the failure and then moving on beyond you will really hit your biceps (and not only). Such a workout will work great to replace bicep curls when you need to. I would say this is even a harder workout and all you need is a pull up bar to do it.

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