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Quick fixes to stop Spotify from crashing continuously!

by Holly

Spotify is an application that is extensively used by people to enjoy podcasts and music from their favorite artists all across the globe. This software application is well known for the high-quality streaming services that it provides people with and allows them to access music of any genre and any language worldwide.

An application that serves the artists and caters their music to the people all across the world regardless of the common language that is spoken differently in different countries has led to the popular and large amount of streams for these artists which is the key factor in revenue generation.

Since it is widely used, all across the world, it has become an important platform that is preferred by artists to release their highly anticipated albums and tracks and earn maximum Spotify plays on this platform. 

But at times a major problem of this application has emerged lately which says the application is being crashed time and again on streaming devices.

What is the solution for Spotify application crashes?

This problem has occurred on devices despite the interface and hte operating system the application is being accessed on and it has directly affected the Spotify plays of the artists that make use of this platform as a primary source to release their music on.

Some quick fixes which seem to work when the app crashes are:

  • Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Application:

Logging out and logging in again, and sometimes reinstalling the entire application has been observed to be a very prominent and useful solution for this problem. It has fixed the issue temporarily for most devices but can be inconvenient for some of the devices. 

  • Making use of genuine Spotify application:

Due to the charges that this application imposes for monthly and yearly subscriptions, some users resort to hacked Spotify applications instead of genuine ones which give them premium services such as unlimited skips, and ad-free streaming of audios and podcasts. 

Therefore, using a genuine Spotify application from the play store(in Android) and the AppStore(in iOS) might fix this recurring problem of the application crashing. 

  • Managing the Background apps feature on your phone:

Sometimes, the background app management feature makes use of battery-saving options which closes the apps that are unused in the background for a longer duration. Therefore, switching this feature off specifically for Spotify or overall can help with the situation of consecutive crashing because the application won’t be closed in the background.

  • Updating the Spotify application:

Updating the application itself to the latest version is the best way to tackle the consecutively crashing problem. And not just Spotify but you must update every application to its latest version because the newer versions come with their own set of perks and fixes. 

  • Waiting for the application to settle down for some time:

Continuous accessing of the software at the same time, for eg., when a famous artist drops its highly anticipated track or album a lot of people try to access the application to hear it, which leads to mass engagement and access at the same time. That may lead to the application crashing, hence, waiting for some time can help this problem to settle down.

This application can be of great use if studied extensively and understood how it actually works, therefore, making use of this platform for your benefits might be tricky at first but will incorporate a larger amount of revenue through Spotify plays once it has been thoroughly understood and mastered by the artist or the label. 

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