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How To Get Rare Fortnite Skins And Change Your In-Game Appearance

by Holly

Are you looking for a way to stand out among your friends in Fortnite? One of the best ways is to have unique, rare Fortnite skins. But how do you get them, and how can you change your in-game look? Read on for our guide that will show you all the tips and tricks needed to make your character stand out from the crowd.

What are rare skin types?

The most sought-after skins in Fortnite are those that are limited edition or exclusive. These include Epic Games Store exclusives, Marvel Battle Pass skins, Twitch Prime collaborations, and more. With these types of rare Fortnite skins, players can unlock cosmetics that few others possess – making them highly desirable items indeed.

How to unlock rare skins

There are a couple of different ways to unlock rare skins in Fortnite. The first is by purchasing bundles or special releases directly from Epic Games’ online store; these purchases often include additional goodies such as back bling or pickaxes, as well as the skin itself. Secondly, some skins can be unlocked by completing various in-game challenges, such as finding secret Battle Stars or completing missions with specific objectives. Finally, there are also opportunities to acquire rare skins through promotions run by third-party websites, or even giveaways run by popular streamers who play the game regularly.

Buying skins with V Bucks

V Bucks (or virtual currency) is another way to buy rare skins in Fortnite, but this option is only available to players who already have an account with Epic Games. To purchase a skin with V Bucks, simply log into your account on the official website and then head to the ‘Store’ tab, where all available options will be listed under the ‘Featured’ or ‘New Releases’ categories if applicable – select one that interests you and follow the instructions provided during the checkout process to successfully complete the transaction without any issues!

Changing skins in-game

Once unlocked, switching between different skins in Fortnite couldn’t be easier: simply access the ‘Locker’ menu, located in the top right corner of the main lobby screen, while logged in to the desired platform (PC/PS4/Xbox). Here, players will see all currently owned cosmetic items, including both purchased/unlocked ones – select the desired skin type before starting the matchmaking session, as it will be active immediately upon entering a new instance! This feature is not cross-platform, however, so users will have to remember to manually switch each time they want to use a particular design on multiple systems at the same time.

Back Bling & Pickaxe Equipment

As well as changing skins, players may also wish to outfit themselves with matching Back Bling & Pickaxe accessories before going into action – the same rules as the standard customisation process described above apply here, only now the focus is on equipping two additional pieces instead of one! Simply view the list of available items in either the aforementioned Store section (for purchased cosmetics) or the Locker tab if you want to add some last-minute flair to your wardrobe ahead of upcoming matches!

Redeem codes for special items

Finally we come to codes that offer even more ways to explore when it comes to acquiring new looks within Fortnite’s ever-growing library content – these can either come form promotional campaigns partnerships made with companies outside the world (such as Twitch Prime membership) OR given away free rewards subscribing to official newsletters respective gaming console brand example Xbox Live Gold subscription pack offers exclusive gear each month to its subscribers so always worth keeping an eye out for offers like these to make sure you don’t miss out on anything worthwhile!

The bottom line

With so many options available for customising characters in-game, it’s no wonder why gamers keep flocking back to the experience presented by epic games hit title Fortnite, whether they’re looking to complete certain challenge sets, win special rewards through event-based competitions, try their luck redeeming promo codes, obtain hard-to-find cosmetics There really is something for everyone, no matter what kind of aesthetic they prefer, to enjoy while playing the favourite shooter franchise around the globe today!

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