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Harry Potter Author Hardcore Minecraft Player – Know about it

by Holly

JK Rowling, the author of the beloved Harry Potter series, said that she likes playing Minecraft with her 11 years old son David and they play “Hardcore Mode”, not afraid of mobs.

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Any Harry Potter fans out there? Sure we have a few and sure you will be happy to know that your favourite author is actually a Minecraft player herself. In a recent interview JK Rowling revealed that one of her favourite ways to spend her time off was playing Minecraft arguing that the popular block building game allowed her to relax in a very creative way.

JK Rowling also said that she used to play with her son in “Hardcore Mode” in which both of them needed to test their skills in order to survive the adventure. David is the name of his 11 years old son that according to her is a very active Minecraft player and loves creating and building with blocks.

The way everything started was very uncommon, JK Rowling tells that she was having troubles working on a chapter so she stop to make some tea and to read and reply Tweets by her fans in order to relax and free her mind that´s when she let them know that she plays Minecraft with her son just to blow everybody´s mind away.

One user asked her if she played with mobs on or off to what she replied: “Of course, I’m hardcore”.

It is fascinating to imagine Harry Potter´s author and creator playing Minecraft, what kind of fantastic structures has she built? That is something that can only be answered by her itself so we will need to ask her again, she might answer back.

JK Rowling playing Minecraft and making it public is another sign on how popular the game is and how it keeps growing and growing. It was reported that within the past 6 months just the pocket edition a.k.a. Minecraft PE sold at least $9 Million dollars, an impressive sum that demonstrates that Microsoft move on buying the game for $2.5 Billions was a good thing to do and for sure news like this one will serve as huge marketing windows for the title. It will be interesting to know which other celebrities are fans of #Minecraft.

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