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Full Truth About Supplements For Getting Smarter

by Holly

Everyone wants to get more intelligent than who they are and if you are one, then you must be curious about taking some supplements. Yes, there are supplements which are supposed to improve your cognitive abilities. These supplements that work to improve your brain power are known as nootropics. Nootropics works to make your brain advance in terms of attention, focus, memory and motivation. But, do these pills actually work the way you want? Read below to find out.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are the supplements that focuses on improving your brain function. While seeming to be new, they came up around 50 years ago. This makes it clear that this concept of neuroenhancement is not new.  Derived from the Greek word nous meaning ‘mind’ and trepein meaning ‘to bend’, nootropics are pills having agents that promote wakefulness. They are taken either alone or in combination with an other nootropic pill. There are numerous prescribed and non prescribed drugs for brain enhancement.

People suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are benefitted from using such drugs as they help improve their attention and focus. However, normal people using such pills can suffer addiction issues.  Below is a brief about some common nootropics :-


Piracetam is the first even nootropic that was developed initially over 50 years ago by psychologist CC Giurgea. He lacked information to know about correct mechanism. But this “small pill” is still most popular for brain enhancement. Piracetam is studied in various researches and is found working in improving cognitive abilities and working memory. Amny is still not approved for medicinal purposes or as dietary supplement.


A closely related synthetic derivative of piracetam, aniracetam is a popular nootropic in the racetam family. The main reason of it’s popularity is it’s quick stimulatory effect as this drug quickly enters the bloodstream. The drug is said to improve creativity along with helping in memory and learning for which it was created.


Modafinil is said to be the “genius pill” because of it’s qualities. The drug that was mainly developed to improve various sleep disorders in people is found very effective. While scientists have always studied effect of different supplements in making you smarter, they have found only modafinil effective in it. The drug is often prescribed to cellists, airplane pilots, scientists and judges to work as brain stimulator as it improves memory and attention.

Do nootropics really make you smarter?

There are studies that has proved that some nootropic supplements have the ability to affect your brain. But there is a lack of research on the same and there is not any evidence that fully support the true answer. Yeah, there are examples where people noticed an improved memory and thinking power, still it should not be made common. High dose of nootropics can make you suffer a lot of side effects. Even some prescribed nootropics can lead to increased blood pressure, high heart rate, more chances of insomnia and other sleep problems, addiction and vision issues. It is always better to purchase supplements from trusted companies to be on the safer side.

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