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Clueless About The Girl? : Your Online Relationships Guru

by Holly

Guys are always clueless about the opposite sex. Especially when they aren’t sure if she is interested in them or in further developing the relationships. Because Women are just so hard to understand. Or so the guys say.

Often these questions run in their heads,

  • “Does she like me?”
  • “What does she think of me?”
  • “Does she feel the same way about me the way I do about her?”
  • “She gives me occasional stares but how can I be sure that she likes me?”

Well, you can definitely determine or at least have a gauge of whether a girl is interested in you by the way she looks at you or the things she does to you.

Try to pay attention to the way she looks at you and behaves when with you and other people. The idea is if she gives you long stares and looks at you with complete attention and is always around you, high chances are that she might fancy you.

Here are a couple of more things to take note of her to let you have a better idea of how she regards you:

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  1. She smiles a lot when with you

She smiles when you tell jokes that are not funny and when you do something childish or foolish. And she smiles at you whenever you look in her direction. Her smiles are sweet and with love.

  1. She seems nervous when with you

Well, when a girl is attracted to you, they tend to act goofy or in a peculiar manner and sometimes even they can’t explain why they behave in such a manner. If she seems very uncomfortable or nervous around you, it might be because she fancies you and doesn’t know how to approach you.

  1. She would talk with a soft voice

She would talk in a nice soft sexy tone to attract you or she might try to match the volume of her voice with yours. Also she would use selective words when talking to you to impress you or maybe she might be cautious about what she says to you.

  1. Her body language tends to you

Well, if she likes you, her body language will change when you are around. She would sit in a proper posture. She would try to be her best self and would behave in a manner she thinks you would like.

  1. She is highly attentive towards you

She would pay more attention towards you than towards other people. She would notice each minor detail about you and would remember each and every thing you talked about.

  1. She fingers her hair while talking to you

She plays with her hair when you are talking or rolls her fingers through her hair while talking to you. There’s no explanation as to why girls do that but it’s a good indication that she might be interested in you.

  1. She talks to her friends about you

The best way to find out whether she likes you or not is to talk to her friends and find out. Well, it’s because girls like to share with their friends about the guys they are interested in.

Alternatively, you can ask her if you can’t stay in the suspense. But it is the toughest thing to do yet best thing to do to find out if she likes you or not. Sometimes, it takes a guy to put away his pride in order for him to do this. But actually, you do not have much to lose because if she rejects you or says she isn’t interested, well, just change the topic and say you were just kidding! It may hurt you to find out that she’s not interested but on the other hand, if things turn out good – that she fancies you too, your relationship can now take a step further.

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