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Botox, How does it impact the human body?

by Holly

Botox is a drug that is used in medical procedures that are carried out to treat specific muscular conditions, and can also be used to make cosmetical changes since it temporarily smoothens the facial muscles by paralyzing them and provides you with a wrinkle-free face.

It is obtained from a toxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which is also the same toxin that causes food poisoning oftentimes, which can be really lethal but the effects may vary depending upon the amount and the type that is being used. Therefore, doctors make use of it in small doses to treat certain muscular conditions in the human body, but it is mostly used for cosmetical surgeries, etc.

After being exposed to the human body, botox hinders the signals between the nerves and the muscles that result in no connection between them which certainly allows the targeted muscle to stop aging or contracting. This helps to ease certain muscular conditions and also causes lines and wrinkles to disappear from the face.

Although it is a completely safe medical procedure if taken under strict supervision from practicing dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and ophthalmologists. The botox treatment side effect may seem to arise such as pain, bruising, and swelling at the places where it was injected, superficial reddening of the skin, other skin discolorations. Long-term side effects and complications include problems such as difficulty in talking, breathing, or swallowing, loss of bladder control, general weakness.

Hence, it is advised that if you are planning to undergo these painful sessions of botox to get your desired changes done, you got to research and have a sufficient amount of knowledge about the procedure, the merits, and possible demerits, and especially the doctor you are consulting for this treatment.

How Do I Choose the Right Doctor for Botox?

Here are some tips you can consider while looking for the doctor:

  • Ask Around for Good Dermatologists:

The first step you are advised to take when planning to undergo treatments like this is to look up a doctor or a medical professional who deals with these kinds of procedures more often and has a significant amount of practice and experience in it. 

Sometimes, asking your family doctor, getting recommendations from them might come in handy as they are always in contact with people who have expertise in different fields of medicine and treatments.

Plastic Surgeons, ophthalmologists, cosmetic surgeons practice botox too, but it is prudent to look out especially for dermatologists who possess a certain level of proficiency in this field of work because dermatologists cover a wider area of treatments that are mostly related to skincare. 

Hence, they can also provide you with enough guidance and information which can help you to avoid mistakes that might end up being lethal post-surgery.

  • List all Possible Providers and Doctors:

After you have consulted the doctors and heard from all possible referrals, make a list of all the doctors that seem fit for you for this purpose. You shouldn’t rush into making hasty decisions about these procedures since it plays a crucial role in making or breaking your results post-surgery.

Hence, it is advised that you do not finalize the first doctor you come across for this treatment. It is going to be a long procedure with multiple sessions of surgery, so take your time and look out for more doctors who have experience in working at these treatments and specifically with botox injections.

  • Researching about their Past medical practices:

Once you have finalized your list of doctors, you need to hold interviews or proper confrontation sessions with them that will allow you to know more about their medical history. 

Lookup for these doctors on the internet, there are various websites that emphasize letting out information and reviews about well-known and experienced doctors.

Also, along with the information about the doctors they also hold reviews and comments from patients who have undergone the same surgeries you are planning to go through, reading them and contacting them to know more about the doctors, the treatment, or the post-surgery effects will help you gain more knowledge on this subject.

  • Obtaining the proper amount of knowledge :

No amount of talking, web surfing or book-reading will prove to be enough for you when it comes to surgeries, therefore, once you have researched about the finalized doctor, it becomes mandatory for you to hold an appointment with them before beginning with the treatment.

Asking essential questions you have in your mind related to the surgery like:

What amount of doses will be used?

What are the possible side-effects that may or may not occur post-surgery?

How many sessions are to be held for the procedure to be totally completed?

Are you even fit to undergo these surgeries?

Getting your doubts cleared before the treatment has begun will always be a wise call you can make. This will help you to reflect on the situation at hand more seriously.

  • Settling down the duration and Prices:

This might be the last step but it holds a very vital role in the entire duration of meetings and appointments. Usually, doctors inject an average of 10-30units of botox when it comes to the forehead, which might take 4-6 sessions. The concentration of the dose may vary depending upon how much liquid the doctor is using to make the crystallized botox injectable.

Since botox is a very common cosmetic procedure, there is fierce competition among practitioners that provide you with this treatment. Therefore, it is advisable for you to examine the costs, do not settle for a cheap fee, or get conned into paying more than required. Use your intellect and research to reach a fair decision that is good for you and not too heavy on your pockets.

Along with these 5 tips to Selecting for a Good Botox Doctor, it is necessary for you to emphasize your own researches about what you want to do and what is being offered to you. There’s no harm in waiting for some time and gathering sufficient information regarding important and life-changing treatments as such.

Better safe than sorry!

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