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Bodybuilding Module- Exercising Technique

by Holly

When it comes to health prospects, it is necessary to exercise every day and exercising doesn’t mean to slog it out for many hours at the gym lifting heavyweights because sometimes it can only aggravate matters.

The recent demise of Indian actor Puneet Rajkumar signifies that excessive exercise and diet can prove to be harmful to the body and this isn’t the only example of a death due to exercise.

Even American actors and bodybuilders have fallen prey to being too obsessed with their body and resort to exercising endlessly without respite due to which they get health setbacks very early in life despite being in the prime of their health.

Bodybuilding isn’t something to be taken lightly and many people that are new to it give up within a few days because they want to achieve results within a day and end up nowhere.

Practice Perfection

There are certain males that increase their testosterone level by taking Testo E injections to boost their stamina that enables them to exercise for longer without getting fatigued.

While this can be practiced but you need not take it as the ultimate way to increase stamina because young men already have high testosterone level at that age. The following exercises are essential for bodybuilding that beginners can practice out as they’re confused how and where to begin.

  • Push-Up

We’ll start with the easiest and most obvious exercise because youngsters are aware of this one more than any other and don’t have to be told how to do it. A skinny person can start by doing 5 to 10 pushups or even less based on how they perceive.

  • Pull-Ups

It is more difficult to do when compared to the one above and many beginners give up after a few tries and completely skip pull-ups in the gym and have to be monitored by trainers to do correctly. Those that skip this one are making a big mistake as pull-ups are essential to manage your back muscles and core biceps where you have to put your entire weight on your arms while pulling up.

  • Cardio

Cardio exercises are just as essential as weightlifting as it makes you  lose those extra kilos, which means this is for obese people so you can start out with treadmill and cycling upon entering the gym and then go for body exercises.

  • Triceps Dip

Another good find that is perfect for the back of your arms where you put the entire body weight onto your hands and if you practice regularly then you’ll have bulging back muscles within a short period.

  • Squat

An easy one for beginners where you put both hands on opposite shoulders and go up and down, which is good for losing weight that people with a bulging stomach can try out.

  • Bench Press

It presses the back and engages muscles all over the body thereby making it easy to lift heavy loads. Being bent over during barbell rowing that has heavy weight plates the hamstrings and lower back accumulates more pressure.


Start out with small weights like 2kg on both sides and then slowly move on to heavier ones.

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