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Are Our Kids Getting More Obese – Check the reality 

by Holly

Numbers from the American Heart Association reported that one in three children today is suffering from obesity or being overweight, which is pretty much triple the rate of obesity in the early 60s. This continuous climb has field professionals label the medical condition as an outbreak and the biggest health problem in the country, going above the gravity of smoking and drug abuse. Owing to the rather unwavering climb, experts in the medical discipline have estimated that the children of the current generation are likely to have shorter lifespan than their fathers and mothers. Undeniably, children in the United States are progressively becoming more obese – and at a frighteningly rapid rate.

Weight problems have been associated with various types of health complications, ranging from high blood pressure, to diabetes, coronary heart disease and some forms of cancer. The development of these life-threatening conditions can start early in life, in particular when weight problems set in at an early age. Although it has been brought to the fore as a major health crisis, obesity can still be resolved, with the best solution starting at home. Three issues were cited by the Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC) as issues that families can address right in their own homes.

Due to the eating of the junk food, the children are suffering from the problem of obesity. Along with them, the individuals above 50 years of age are also suffering with the same problem. They can purchase Testosterone booster for men over 50 to reduce the obesity and have a healthy body. 

o Families incapable of preparing meals go to fast food restaurants to buy meals.

o American children allot long stretches of hours watching television or playing games on their computers or gadgets, most of the time eating unhealthy food and consuming sugary drinks.

o Families who are in low-income neighborhoods are financially unable to buy healthier food choices and do not have access to places where they can engage in physical activities.

In an attempt to determine, eradicate, and alter these risky behaviors, SPRC researchers have launched a study founded on the proposition that minimizing the occurrence of sedentary activities can lessen the incidence of obesity in children. The SPRC notes that the study is a spin-off of a school-based curriculum implemented to reduce children’s media use, which subsequently showed improvements related to the reduction of obesity. Although the study is still underway, the researchers are optimistic about the outcome, citing the positive results from the original study.

Dealing with children’s diet issues

A lot of attention is directed towards the dietary choices that kids are facing as many of these foods are risky for their health. Unhealthy food items like sugary beverages and chips are easily obtainable at vending machines in school canteens. Also, unhealthy foods today are bigger in sizes particularly in fast food restaurants, indicating high quantities of calories. Experts say that the best way to address the eating issue is by focusing on small but permanent changes in the diet instead of implementing short-term changes that cannot be maintained. In addition to the small but regular dietary improvements, taking Garcinia Cambogia fruit complements the weight management method because it aids in regulating the child’s food cravings, preventing him from overeating.

Kids and exercises

According to the AHA, many children today on average run a mile 90 seconds slower than their counterparts 3 decades ago. This means that kids of the present generation are considerably less dynamic. On top of that, there are research results revealing that cardiovascular endurance across countries have decreased by about 5% every 10 years. The decrease has been noticed in children aged 9 to 17 years old. The drop has been linked to obesity.

In order to preserve their health, children also need to be active and participate in energetic activities for at least an hour each day. The exercises need not be done straight, but divided into certain times of the day. It is important that the children should sweat after an exercise so they can in time achieve improved cardiovascular fitness. Children who engage in energetic activities have better chances of avoiding heart-related ailments, so it is beneficial for them to learn the importance of an active lifestyle at an early age. Nutritional supplements like Garcinia 1000 mg have also been shown to be in increasing metabolic rate in those who regularly workout which encourages a loss in fat.

Families should do what they can to help their children avoid obesity and to make sure that they age in a healthy condition. By helping children to make moderate but efficient lifestyle improvements, parents can help their children live healthier and more productive lives.

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