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Add An Extra Touch To Outfit With Beanies And Hats

by Holly

As the winter season approaches, many people may be concerned about the cold weather and the need for warm clothing. Keeping your head warm during the winter is just as important as keeping your body warm and covered. 

Find adult beanies online 

You can find a wide range of suitable beanies for any occasion. The beanies are designed to keep your head cozy so that you can enjoy all outdoor activities even on cold days. Winter hats and beanies are ideal for gifting, sharing, or donating to others. 

They are made of a soft epoxy brand that fits snugly over the heads of people of all sizes. They are intended to provide both warmth and comfort. These beanies have the potential to become one of your favorite winter accessories. 

How to wear beanies and hats? 

Beanies and hats, like any other piece of clothing, can be styled according to the occasion without interfering with your outfit.  Beanies can be used to gracefully style outfits for casual parties, workplace meetings, or any other event. Here are a few more ways to incorporate beanies and hats into your outfits. 

  • The lounge: The first one is called this lounge, and it is extremely simple. Take your beanie and place it on your head in one big swoop, hitting right where the hairline and the forehead meet, and you’ll notice that there’s a lot of slouching back. This is a little more hipster, and it’s kind of fun.
  • The next one is called the single cuff, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. A single cuff or a one-fold. So, you’re going to pull it down and slightly to the right around your brows. It appears to be good and then flips it up about an inch to an inch and a half. It depends on how much extra room you have on top for the beanie; you just have to feel it out. It’s ideal for warmer climates because the fabric is closer to the head, keeping you warm.
  • The fisherman: It’s rumored that the fisherman got its name because fishermen used it when they were out on the high seas. So, you’re going to pull down the beanie even more, and you’re going to make that first cup. It’s similar to the first one in this lounge in that it’s right at the top of the forehead, at the base of the head, and just above the ears. This one is ideal if you have shorter hair or bangs because it frames the face.
  • The Faux-Dora: You’re probably wondering how you’re going to turn this into a fedora. Place it back on your head and then hit her about halfway down her forehead, and then you get to choose a side, right or left, and just pull one side up. So, what this does is create the appearance of a Robin Hood or a feather.

With the rise of fashion, you can’t let a beanie or hat detract from your appearance and cause you to miss out on an event. So, go beyond the basics and add glitters to an event with your various styles.

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