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11 VPN Uses You Might Don’t Know 

by Holly

virtual private network (VPN) are long used to ensure the internet privacy. It tends to provide with a level of privacy for internet users. VPN consist of a tunnel that your encrypted data travels down, keeping you with more safety and anonymous on the internet.

To do this, your internet connection is routed through remote VPN servers which will mask your IP address often with the addition of encryption and other security features. The most common VPN use is in a business where the remote users can access a private network without fear of any compromise. 

There are going to be some really cool reasons why you should use VPN in your daily lives. As they are going to helpful and more reliable for you. 

  • Avoid ISP Tracking:

ISPs are mainly interested in tracking their subscribers, as we can see many controversy regarding this aspect. ISP tracking is a process during which your ISP monitors and records your online activity. You can also learn about the Surfshark VPN software which will also guide you to stop tracking ISP in order to prevent your data from being tracked.

  • Using Public Wi-Fi Safely:

You see that many places offer access to free Wi-Fi including hotels, libraries, airports, coffee shops, etc. it is one of the general scenario where you can use these wireless hotspots to access on the internet. These are insecure unless you have VPN to make it secure. 

  • Increasing Downloading:

There is a growing trend about downloading that is gaining popularity. The downloads are followed by torrent trackers, monitoring systems that over time can amass a literal treasure of information on their users. 

  • Beating The Hackers:

It is to know that a firewall is being designed to keep away your device from attackers. These are located on your router; you can also get software firewalls and also learn about the Surfshark VPN software which are there to protect the host device.

  • Play Games Without Getting ISP Slowing Down:

Online streaming games take most of your data when you don’t have an unlimited plan. They tend to get slow down at the time of downloading. Using VPN for online games will prevent your ISP from targeting your connection and slowing the speed of your gaming experience.

  • Watch Free Streaming Content Of Other Countries:

Many times you see that in most cases when streaming online, you are restricted to see or watch the content of other countries. They show that the viewers must be located in the country of origin. But in order to get around this all you need a VPN connection. VPN can reroute your IP address which appears you are located in different locations.

  • Avoid Spying On Your Connection:

It is mainly too easy for third party internet users to spy on your connection, if you using a public network. Because, the biggest problem with public hotspots is that they are not secured and encrypted. So here VPN can show its role by routing your connection through a private network and also encrypt your data.

  • Online Shopping While Abroad:

Like if you are traveling abroad, and you want to order something to get it at your home, when you get back. But here a problem arises as it ends up at its country specific website. With using VPN server in your country, you can access site from any country and do shopping.

  • Watch YouTube And Other Streaming Sites Without ISP Slowing Down:

Streaming sites like YouTube or Netflix are the most popular users of the internet today. People tend to use more streaming sites; they forget that in effect it reduces their connection speed. So if you want to use these sites without buffering, make sure to use a VPN which will fix the issue of ISP slowdown.

  • Unblocking Social Media:

Using VPN in order to use and make access to the blocked sites. Social media is one of the most heavily censored and blocked uses of the internet. Many countries tend to block social websites in place to prevent the free flow of information. So if you are traveling abroad, you can easily make access to social media by the help of VPN.

  • Hide Your Real Location:

It is beneficial sometimes to hide your current location, when you are travelling or away from your home. You can simply hide your location with the usage of VPN. You just have to choose a server located in your home country.

I hope I made up your mind, for using VPN. As there are dozens of pros regarding usage of VPN for both an individual as well as companies. In order to make you and your data safe and secure, using VPN is no harm.

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