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What Is Unlimited Web Hosting – Know the working

by Holly

More and more web hosting providers are offering Unlimited Hosting. Hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth is getting a lot of attention. I remember a few years ago hosting companies each had their own disk space and bandwidth limitations which set them apart. Now the majority of hosting providers offer Unlimited Hosting which mean you get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts. If you’re looking for a new host this is the way to go.

What is Unlimited Disk Space?

Now keep in mind when a host offers unlimited disk space it means you can use as much space as you need for your website. The space is not to be used for hosting backups of any kind. If you store random data on your web hosting server your host will likely suspend your account or remove the data. Be sure to use the space for your website and not abuse your web hosts rules. It is always best to contact your potential web host prior to signing up and ask them what Unlimited disk space really means based on their Terms Of Service.

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What is Unlimited Bandwidth?

Similar to disk space, unlimited bandwidth means you can use a conservative amount of bandwidth on your shared hosting server. That means you cannot host a site that uses terabytes of bandwidth and expect to get away with it. Yes I know your host states it is unlimited but this means that your website can use as much bandwidth as you need based on the environment you are on. If you have shared hosting it means you are sharing the servers resources with all the other users on the same server. For the majority of websites and users the unlimited bandwidth is fine. If you are hosting an adult website or a site with high video transfer for example then unlimited hosting is likely not for you. It would be better to get a VPS or Dedicated server for these types of high bandwidth websites.

Can I have Unlimited Email Accounts?

Yes! Email accounts are generally not an issue. I have yet to come across a host that does not allow you to create unlimited email accounts.

Can I create Unlimited Databases?

Yes, the majority of providers do not limited how many MySQL databases you can create. Databases can be created through the cPanel control panel using the MySQL Database Wizard icon.

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