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Power Outages? No Problem: How Standby Generators Can Save the Day

by Holly

A standby generator can be your saving grace when unexpected power outages strike. With its easy installation and reliable performance, a standby generator can restore power quickly and ensure that your home or business remains operational during emergencies. Here’s more info on why you should consider investing in a standby generator for peace of mind.

What is a Standby Generator? 

A standby generator is an automatic backup power system that kicks on when electricity from the grid fails. These generators are powered by natural gas or propane fuel and come in various sizes to fit your needs. They’re also incredibly convenient because they don’t require manual setup – instead, they turn on automatically once the power goes out.

Why Install a Standby Generator? 

Having access to backup power during an outage means you won’t have to worry about losing essential items like refrigerated food or medical equipment due to lack of electricity. Plus, it will save you money in the long run – having to replace food or other items lost due to loss of power could cost much more than installing and running a generator over time. And if you own a business, then having backup power ensures uninterrupted operations and keeps customers happy even during an emergency.

What Are the Benefits of Standby Generators? 

The main benefit of using standby generators is their convenience factor since they start up without any manual intervention needed from you. This means less stress as well as quicker response times compared to portable generators which need to be manually started each time there’s an outage. Additionally, these units are highly reliable so they’ll keep going no matter how long the blackout lasts for – ensuring your family has access to necessities such as lights and air conditioning throughout the entire duration of the outage.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Standby Generator? 

The cost of installing a standby generator will depend on several factors, including size (wattage), type (natural gas vs propane) and location (indoor vs. outdoor). Generally speaking, however, expect prices starting at around $3000-$4000 just for installation alone; however, this amount can go up significantly depending on what type of unit you get installed and where it’s located within your property/home.

Are There Any Maintenance Requirements For Standby Generators? 

Yes – all generators require regular maintenance for optimal performance, so set aside some funds for annual upkeep costs, too! Some maintenance tasks include changing oil filters regularly, cleaning air filters every three months, as inspecting hoses & belts annually to ensure everything is working properly with no leaks or damages present in any part of the unit itself. Lastly, always ensure adequate fuel supplies are readily available before operating your generator during extended periods such as storms or prolonged blackouts.


Standby generators offer reliability and convenience unlike anything else when providing backup power during unexpected outages! From keeping essential appliances running through extended blackouts all the way up to ensuring uninterrupted operations in businesses – there are plenty of reasons why investing in one makes sense, both financially and functionally-speaking! So if you’re looking for security against unpredictable events, consider getting yourself one today!

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