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No Nonsense Muscle Building

by Holly

No nonsense muscle building is a straightforward package with one single objective of building muscles and gaining weight. Vince does not talk like a great bodybuilder nor does he tries to train you as a bodybuilder. Rather, Vince approaches you as a normal guy who is focused on achieving a good-looking fit body. Vince Delmonte is himself a successful competing fitness model. Vince’s transformation was featured in the international magazine Maximum Fitness.

He focuses on building muscle mass more in a fitness-oriented athletic manner where the muscle reflexes, endurance, strength are not neglected. He does not encourage, rather, he thwarts all the claims made by the bodybuilding supplements companies and asks you to stay away from all the nonsense that is being spread around by such companies. Check Out Vince Delmonte’s – No Nonsense Muscle Building Official Website check my site if you are interested in buying the best No Nonsense Muscle Building products online.

Right from the start of his homepage, he takes on these marketing companies by shattering the nonsense they have been spreading about muscle building. He destroys the myths built around training like bodybuilders, the use of body supplements, bodybuilding magazines, etc. Vince Delmonte’s objective with his no-nonsense muscle building program is to provide only accurate and useful information to you. His objective is to guide you away from the useless crap and hype that these marketing campaigns build-up and he has accordingly named his program No Nonsense Muscle Building.

Vince strongly believes that how you train yourself has a much better contribution to building stronger muscles as compared to the use of supplements or health magazine-based tips. He outlines a clear strategy in No Nonsense Muscle Building that is based only on guided training and diet. He himself has used the same strategy and has witnessed amazing growth. He has been training a number of his personal clients using the same strategy and it has also been reviewed by some of the top trainers around the world who have given it double thumbs up.

He knows that your objective is the most likely case will not be to take part in a bodybuilding competition but rather to walk with pride and impress those girls around you and have more time in bed than in the gym or searching for bodybuilding information over the internet. He trains you accordingly, focussing on and only on building muscle mass for your skinny figure with the least effort and time.

Revealing “The Skinny Guy Secret”

Vince Delmonte likes to call his No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program the “Skinny Guy Secret”. Now before you start thinking about the reason behind this or you start thinking if this program is meant only for the skinny guys, let me answer your queries.

Vince Delmonte like most of us had no genetic advantage when he started bodybuilding. Vince had been an endurance athlete for more than 10 years. He describes himself as ” an embarrassingly scrawny 149-pound twerp” at one stage of life before he decided to turn things the other way round. By taking that decision he achieved phenomenal success, Vince managed to add up 190 pounds of rock-solid, ripped muscle mass in under 6 months and became a national champion fitness model!

So remember Vince Delmonte is not going to hear you lamenting about your genetic disadvantages. He does not accept the excuse that you are the way you were supposed to be rather he is going to convince you the other way around in a positive manner. Vince proves that genetics are only partially responsible for your body, what is more, responsible for the current state is how you treat your body. The amount of time and guided efforts you give to muscle building is going to determine your future state. Vince Delmonte is living proof of the secrets he claims to reveal in his no-nonsense muscle-building program.

Vince has made every attempt to get the negativity out of your mind through this no-nonsense program. Vince explains that your genetics, metabolism rate, and other such uncontrollable factors are partially responsible for your physique. But, these factors should not be used as a lame excuse for the lack of commitment and effort that one needs to put in muscle building. Right from the first page of his program, Vince tries to convince you that there is no point in whining over your genetics and doing nothing to improve it. Vince makes every attempt to imbibe in your mind that the only way to achieve a godlike physique is to give up laziness and ignorance and take some positive and determined steps. Vince very clearly shows you how easy is building muscles once you know the right way to train your body and have a proper scheduled plan for it. This is the main theme and outline of Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building.

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