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Main Reasons Why You Should Leave Godaddy

by Holly

Domain service providers and hosting platforms have become very popular in recent years. Earlier, the most popular hosting and domain service for most users was godaddy. However, many new providers and sites like godaddy have come up to offer standardized and satisfactory services to businesses and individuals who want to set up a website on the internet.

Over the years, godaddy has quite lost its touch as it has been thrown under the bus multiple times for various reasons. The company had used sexual advertising and promotional tactics plenty of times to promote its services to the customers and has also been subject to animal rights and safety violations. GoDaddy has also lost control and authority of the services as it comes under cyber attack by anonymous hackers. The hosted websites suffer because of the issues as they have to go offline now and then.

Plenty of businesses and individuals are looking for sites like godaddy to safely and securely find domain names and registries. There are many reasons why you should avoid using GoDaddy’s services. 5 Reasons You Should Leave GoDaddy (And How) are listed below-


Many people trust godaddy as it has been one of the oldest domain hosts ever. However, godaddy has a reputation of luring the customer by making the prices of the services look low even when they are not. They use this tactic as a promotional means to draw in the customers and lock them with high renewal prices. GoDaddy charges for the items that many alternative service providers do not charge. The customer must bear additional costs by paying for free services such as SSL Certificates and WhoIS Privacy. It is best to find an alternative website by withdrawing from godaddy.

No control

GoDaddy’s server is quite difficult to use because it limits the functionality. It takes longer to finish the tasks at godaddy, making it more expensive and pricey for the clients. Customers are looking for flexibility and easy usage, which many other alternative websites and hosting services provide at much cheaper prices.

Hosting is Slow

Many big corporations and companies have slammed godaddy for their exceptionally low services and support. Brands and businesses are unsatisfied with the website’s performance because they do not offer quick and prompt customer support. Those who do not have much time or energy to deal with slow hosting should look for alternatives and sites like godaddy for better customer support and service.

Inappropriate advertising

There are plenty of technical aspects of godaddy that does not make it an ideal website for the customers looking for domain names and registration. However, godaddy has been involved in multiple controversies and scandals over the years when it comes to ethical standards. GoDaddy notoriously published extremely awkward and inappropriate advertisements that were not suitable for young audiences. They have also used sexual ads in the mainstream media to promote their services. Their CEO has also been involved in an animal cruelty case in the past. One can find an alternative hosting website for their domain by leaving godaddy.

Better alternatives

There were not many web hosting service providers and domain websites for the consumers. This gap has been filled by many players coming into the field to explore the market. This benefits the customers as they have found better alternatives to godaddy.

The new domain services offer 24/7 customer service to customers all over the world. Those who want to switch from Godaddy and move to a different service. These sites like godaddy offer discounts to the GoDaddy users who wish to transfer their domains and make them more transparent and a good value for the price.

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