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Harold Matzner’s Legacy: How His Philanthropy Will Impact Palm Springs For Years To Come

by Holly

The late Harold Matzner was a wealthy Palm Springs philanthropist whose dedication and generosity to his city will have a lasting impact. From charitable donations to the development of numerous cultural landmarks, Harold Matzner’s legacy will be felt for years to come. More info on Harold can be found on his official website, where you can learn about his life story, his achievements, and his causes.

What is Harold Matzner’s background?

Harold Matzner was born in New York City in 1941 but moved to California at the age of fifteen. After graduating from the University of Southern California, he made a name for himself as a successful businessman in a variety of industries including real estate, banking, and insurance. He also established himself as a leading figure in Palm Spring’s social scene, hosting lavish parties attended by Hollywood stars and other high-profile guests.

Matzer was known for his generosity and philanthropic endeavors. Throughout his life, he donated millions of dollars to local charities, schools, health organizations, and community projects. He also personally funded many projects over the years, including the renovation of historic theatres and buildings in downtown Palm Springs, the construction of civic gardens, and the beautification of public parks with outdoor sculptures.

How his generosity shaped the city of Palm Springs

One of Matzner’s most notable contributions was the creation of the Palm Springs Art Museum (PSAM). This world-class institution offers educational programs that have enriched the lives of thousands of people through its permanent collections and traveling exhibitions of artworks from around the world. In addition to the PSAM, Matzner’s support has helped develop several cultural landmarks, including the Annenberg Theatre at the McCallum Theatre Complex, the Coachella Valley Repertory Theatre, and the Agua Caliente Cultural Plaza, which hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including film screenings, concerts, theatre performances, and art classes for children.

His impact on the local economy and tourism

In addition to spearheading many of the city’s cultural initiatives over two decades ago, Matzner’s investments have helped revitalize some of Palm Springs’ downtown locations while creating employment opportunities for local residents. He also invested heavily in nearby hotels that have since become major tourist attractions, contributing significantly to the tourism revenue generated by visitors each year.

Continuing his legacy through education and research

Matzner left an indelible mark on his beloved city – one that transcends time itself! To honor the memory of this great man, PSAM recently launched The Harold M Field Institute For Education & Research, which aims to provide educational programs rooted in research-based practices related to arts programming. It serves as a testament to how powerful his influence truly was \and continues to be.


Harold Matzner was more than a philanthropist – he was an icon who changed Palm Springs forever with his immense generosity. He may no longer be here physically, but his energy still resonates throughout this beautiful desert oasis, thanks in large part to all the remarkable charitable projects he championed over two decades ago!

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