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Hair Loss And Pregnancy

by Holly

Why Does It Happen? Hair Loss and Pregnancy F or many women, hair loss and pregnancy go hand in hand. For other women, their hair becomes very thick and beautiful during their pregnancy. Pregnancy causes changes in just about every area of the body. It makes sense that this would affect your hair too. Understanding why pregnancy and hair loss are related and why it happens can help you to rest assured that nothing is wrong. For many women, pregnancy hair loss is reversed after their body’s hormone levels return to their pre pregnancy stage. Hair Loss and Pregnancy: What’s Behind It? T here are many things that could be behind your hair loss.

In most cases, though, it will be caused by the fluxuating hormones in your body. As the body needs to adjust to the coming baby, hormones are used to trigger reactions. Hormones tell your breasts to prepare for nourishing the baby and tell your uterus to thicken to comfort the child. Each change that happens within your body is directed by the hormones. All of these changes can and do lead to your body having to deal with hormone changes. In some cases, the hormone changes will cause your hair to fall out. Hair loss during pregnancy is not nearly as common as changes in the hair are. For example, if your hair has always been very curly, it may seem very limp and unmanageable now. If you had straighter hair, it may be frizzier then usually. These changes happen because of the hormones in your body. Hair loss and pregnancy do happen together, mainly because of the increased hormones.

The good news is that in most cases pregnancy hair loss will stop after the baby is born, or even before. As soon as your body adjusts to the new levels of hormones, such as estrogen, the hair growth will come back. Yet, you may have to wait a while for it to happen. That’s because the hair growth cycle is three months long, meaning that it could take up to three months to see new growth coming in fully. If you are concerned about hair loss and pregnancy, talk to your doctor about it. He or she may be able to recommend a number of treatment options for you, including additional vitamin intake such as B12 or improving your diet. In most cases, pregnancy and hair loss do not last too long! Before you know it, your body will do what it needs to in order to help your baby to develop but will allow your body to go back to normal, too.

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