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Foods To Eat For Fat Loss

by Holly

Most people live in the past or in the future when it comes to their hopes, dreams and wishes. The present, or “the now” is filled with the urgent interruptions of everyday chores and routines. The past was either better, with fond memories, or worse then now. The future looks more bleak, or holds the promise of a better life. Many tactics, plans, and rules of health, fat loss, and vitality are complicated. I advocate simplicity. Try to live in the present and focus on what you eat. For a while, just try to think about the foods to eat for fat loss.

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Live in the present and think of the foods to eat for fat loss

In relation to weight loss, and health and vitality, the same concept applies. We all know of the people who talk about the athletic achievements of their youth. We know about the people who plan to start a new diet, next week, next month, or next year. As each deadline passes a new one gets created.

Goal posts get fitted with permanent wheels for ease of movement.

The past is gone. It is nice to reminisce occasionally, in fact it would be impossible to avoid doing it. It is good to focus on the future, if you have fears then you can take corrective action. If you have dreams and goals then these things can inspire you to take action now.

The key words are “action” and “now”.

We can only live in the present, we can only take action in the now. Thoughts of past and future are only worthwhile if they inspire positive action to improve the course of our future.

These words might seem a bit obvious, but most wisdom is very obvious when we stop stressing, flapping, and being reactive for a little while.

Take weight loss or fitness action right now

Think that you might start a diet next week? Start now.

Is the junk food in your kitchen going to prevent you from starting your diet now? Then either give it away, or if you cannot afford to, resolve to never buy any more junk food. Ever.

This is real change. Deciding that you will not stock your cupboards with this life draining food anymore.

Planning to join a gym next month after your latest salary hits? Do some exercise right now. Even if this is simply a brisk walk.

Take action now, live in the now. There are plenty of things that you can do right now to move you towards the life that you yearn for inside. Most of these things do not cost money. Time can be freed up by substituting low value activities for high value ones.

How do you tell the difference between low value and high value activities? Ask yourself: what do I value? Right these things down. Make 2 columns on a piece of paper.

You might put gossiping and complaining under low value. Also to the low value list you might add reality TV, arguing with your partner and lying in bed all morning with a hangover.

Under high value you might put health, vitality, adventure, and learning a new skill.

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