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Choosing and Maintaining a Chef Knife Set- in Simple Steps!

by Holly

Knives are the most significant part of our daily routine. They appear so small and trivial yet hold importance in our life. Though there are several types of knives used for different purposes, the one extensively used type is kitchen knives. Kitchen Knive Blocks hold different knives like Chef Knife, Bread Knife, Butter Knife, etc. The most prominent is the Chef Knife. It is challenging to choose a particular set and maintain it. Currently, every country has modified the Chef Knife Set into their own (for instance, Chinese and Japanese sets) by altering the measurements of the blade and holder. Here are some tips for choosing a Chef Knife.

  • Weight

This parameter is the most important as a heavy knife would slice everything into fine pieces but handling it can be difficult. A dull knife would maneuver easily but will not cut finely. Thus, a heavy or light knife can only be chosen by the user according to their preference. The knife must work as a part of your hand and not as an extra attachment. A person using the knife should feel confident while using it.

  • Size

Chef’s knives are usually of three types. The 10 inches knife can cut anything huge, like a watermelon, but it is large and can be intimidating at times. An 8-inch knife is preferred by many as it feels balanced between the heavy and light one. The third type is the 6-inch knife is comparatively a smaller one which cannot cut through muskmelons and watermelons but is ideal for slicing through onions and can very well dice cubes.

  • Balance

A knife needs to have a perfect balance between the handle and the blade. If the handle is massive, the blade will not cut enough. If the blade is heavy, it will create pressure on the wrist of the user. Both situations are uncomfortable for the user. While buying a vehicle, we usually go for a test drive. Similarly, it is vital to test knives before buying them as they are practically a long-time investment. If the knife is not perfect, the interest and love for cooking can vanish.

After owning a perfect knife, it is vital to maintain them. There are multiple ways to maintain a knife. The two most prominent methods of sharpening a knife are steel and stone. Recently, many new techniques have been developed to sharpen a knife and keep it rust-free.

Here are some ways to test a knife before buying it:

  1. Chop onion
  2. Dice into cubes
  3. Carve and cut a watermelon

A chef’s knife was designed initially to cut through beef, as it had super sharp blades. Later on, a set was launched to cater to the perfect audience. Now, there are several models available with slight modifications. Along with the chef’s knife, other kinds of knives require the same level of maintenance. Hence, we can conclude that it is significant to test every knife.

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