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7 Highly Effective Marriage Advice For Men

by Holly

While many women have already planned for their wedding during their childhood, most men are hesitant to pop the question even if the women whom they are about to propose to, are eager to say, I do. This does not mean though that you cannot find a prince charming who will be as excited to plan the wedding, tie the knot, say goodbye to their bachelor days and welcome the big changes of getting hitched.

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If you can relate to the type of men who are afraid to tie the knot, here are some marriage advice for men that can lighten up your spirits.

Just Do It

You would know when the time is right and when you have already found the right person whom you are willing to share your married life with. When this happens, your fear will eventually melt away and here are the most helpful marriage advice for men to help you prepare for the changes.

  1. You have to be responsible and accept that you have a big role to fill to make this marriage work. This acceptance will make you a better partner to your wife and will make it easier for the two of you to connect and bond.
  2. Intimacy is very important to make any marriage work. It does not mean that you have to make love every minute of every hour when you and your partner are together. It is not healthy. It helps to make sure that you always make your partner feel that you love and adore her. Touching often leads to stronger connection. You can hold hands, kiss, rub shoulders or simply watch TV while your bodies are quite close to each other.
  3. Another important thing that you ought to memorize when it comes to marriage advice for men is to listen to your partner. You are not required to always come up with wise or witty answers. You simply have to listen to your wife whenever she feels like opening up.

You can always tell your partner when you want to have some space and need time for yourself. It will be easier for them to understand such phase if you have given them enough of your time and attention in listening when they want to be listened to.

In your married life, you have to learn to agree to disagree. It is a give and take process. You and your partner are two different individuals. It is only expected that there are certain issues that you will not both come into the same terms with. You both have to accept each other’s differences and be okay with that.

  1. While your wife will be delighted to get lavish presents and treats from you, there are times when it is the act and how the gifts were given that would matter more than what these presents are. Take time to write sweet notes along with the gift. You may also want to give the gift at times when your partner least expects to get it. It is a vital part of any marriage advice for men that you do not forget special dates to give gifts, such as your partner’s birthday and your anniversary.
  2. Arguments are bound to happen, but make sure that as much as possible, you do not throw fits and shout at each other in front of your kids. When arguing, avoid putting the blame to anyone. Make sure that you do not say anything that will be hard to forgive when your emotions have already cooled down. Even while arguing, try to listen to your partner. Get their point. Understand their sentiments. This way, it will be easier for the two of you to settle the issues and clear the air.
  3. There will be times when it would feel like something has changed. Before the problem gets any worse, you have to detect what it is. Are you spending less time with one another? Don’t you speak as often as before? Analyse what the problem is and do something about it immediately.
  4. You have married one another knowing that both of you have certain imperfections. You must never try to change the kind of person that your partner is and vice versa. It won’t work that way and if you will insist, this will only lead to the feeling that you are not satisfied with your partner because you are always looking for something that they cannot give. You both have to accept and learn to live with each other’s flaws throughout each day of your married life.

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